Life @ Qtonz

We have clear objectives and never stop attaining them, yet we still want folks who work with us to fit in better.

Qtonz Moments

The more we celebrate in life, there is more in life to celebrate!

7th Anniversary Celebration

31 Aug, 2021

We celebrate our anniversaries every year to mark the successful completion. Corporates have a definite vision and mission and multiple goals to be achieved. With the help of our employees, Qtonz can achieve desired success and revenue. Hence, on the completion of 7 consecutive years, we organized and celebrated our grand event in Goa with great enthusiasm.

Group Day

16 Feb, 2019

On this day, employees dressed up in colorful attire. Qtonz celebrated group day, where groups of employees wore similar-themed outfits - such as Punjabi costumes like kurtas and turbans, or traditional Maharashtrian attire. Others wore costumes specially designed for the occasion.

Reel to Real

24 Dec, 2022

Weve Reimagined iconic movie and series posters with a twist Witness the transformation of iconic characters & posters. Our remakes are made with love and respect for the original works, while also adding our own unique spin. Our mission is to bring the past to the present and make it even more unforgettable.

Saurashtra IT-ITeS Excellence awards 2023

29 Jul, 2023

Best mobile app development company -2023 by Rita ( Rajkot Information Technology Association)

Industrial Visits-2023

15 Sep, 2023

Industrial Visits by Colleges from Rajkot to Qtonz Infosoft Pvt. Ltd. during Sep-2023

Independence Day 15-Aug-23

15 Aug, 2023

Independence Day was celebrated at Qtonz Corporate House by Qtonzee

Annual Meeting 2022

20 Dec, 2022

Qtonz Annual Meeting - 2022