Our Mobile App's Recipe

It's quite straightforward- Take a few analyzers, put a handful of designers, a pint of developers, and a tablespoon of testers.

Define Ideas

The first step is fleshing out all the innovative ideas. We define the whole idea about creating an application and find out possible ways of exactly what we want to do and how we will do it. We define how to shape the intended strategy as an application.
  • Requirement gathering

  • Flesh out app’s ideas

  • Identify how to measure success

  • Define the best strategy

Discover Project Information

We discover our target audience and try to learn about what they want that our app can fulfill. We define our competitions & find out what's trending in the online industry, then design our application accordingly.
  • Discover different perceptions

  • Define competition and target audience

  • Technical requirements specification

  • Feature mapping

Analyze Requirements

After validating the ideas, we start brainstorming on the solutions. We create an appropriate user flow that determines which features to include in the app and how to easily navigate users and viewers.
  • Define project requirements

  • Performing detailed analysis

  • Create perfect roadmap


Now our app will begin to come into focus. We are always eager to implement the ideas and give them realistic touch. After defining, discovering, and analyzing all the requirements, our main goal is to design & develop a realistic product that’ll create a distinct impact on the play store or app store.
  • Create eye-catchy design

  • Build featureful application

  • Give realistic touch

  • Develop worthwhile business solution

Rolling Out

Finally, it’s time to prepare to launch the new app! After testing, when the product reaches quality standards, we deliver satisfactory results by publishing the application at the store and keep maintaining it.
  • Testing and quality checking

  • Offer digital solutions

  • Deliver quality products

  • Maintain our apps

  • Develop a plan for improvement

A Timeline of our journey


Dare to Dream

First-Think, Second-Dream, Third-Believe, and Finally-Dare. Piyush Kasundra dares to chase his dream by Founding the "QTONZ" as an IT company.

Qtonzee - 1


Journey Started

Qtonz begins with three visionaries in a closet-sized place at Decora square, Rajkot.

Qtonzee - 3


Establish Trust

Without trust, there is no reason to continue and after establishment, we increased our staff day by day.

Qtonzee - 15+


Hiring Top Talents

We double up our strength by sourcing, engaging, and hiring young talents through our campus placement drives.

Qtonzee - 30+


Significant Growth

Over time the company has grown substantially and one of our trendy Android app has crossed 10M+ installs.

Qtonzee - 40+


Rapid Evolution

Considering the speedy development, we expanded our roots by setting up another branch in Surat.

Qtonzee - 60+


Addicted to Better

Moved to our customized dream office premises as Qtonz Hub at Raiya Road, Rajkot.

Qtonzee - 80+


Historic Milestone

Breathtaking transformation from Qtonz Infosoft to Qtonz Infosoft Private Limited.

Qtonzee - 90+


Transformed Digitally

We took on the challenge of work from home and kept company running successfully during this pandemic. Also enlarged Qtonz by opening Jaipur branch.

Qtonzee - 100+


Incredible Expansion

Games will dominate the entire industry in upcoming years. So by examining gaming needs we created Game Studio in Ahmedabad.

Qtonzee - 125+